Online Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is always played at a table. In general, you compete against the dealer of the house, which is trying to defeat you in the game. One of the main principles is to know these facts. Once you've decided on a bet, you place, which is printed on the table this to the appropriate field. Already you get dealt two cards whose values ??you need to add another. The dealer also divides itself from these two cards. If he holds an ace in the hand, you should take out a separate insurance.

This blackjack rule you will be able to understand exactly in the game. Reaches your card value is not sufficient, you may also request an additional card. You choose your favorite when you "shut your" the page and want to receive any more cards. With two equal cards you may even split your hand, so therefore continue playing with two leaves. Do you trust it, to win the round, so a doubling of your nothing stands in the way.

??In addition to blackjack rules you need to do, of course, familiar with the card values. Only then is it possible for you to count up to the required value of 21 points. Picture Cards: All picture cards, i.e. Jack, Queen and King, always worth 10 points. This is also true for the 10 games themselves The difference such as Skat is that the face cards have a value of between two and four points, but still are worth 10 points.

Cards 2 through 10: As explained earlier, the 10 has a value of 10. All other cards with printed numbers have the value that you can see on each of them. So is worth a 2 and so on two points. The famous Ace: The Ace plays in blackjack a very special role, because it is changeable. What does that mean? Well, depending on the value you already hold in your hand, the ace is worth either one or eleven points all.

A Blackjack you will achieve by an ace combined with a picture card or the above aforementioned 10 If you think 21 points on the hand, the round ends immediately. Goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer. This you can succeed but only by a card value that is as close to 21 points. An example: You get an eight and a ten. So you think 18 points on the hand. This value is quite close to 21 and can only be exceeded if the dealer has 19, 20 or blackjack can boast. You even allowed to these 21 points under any circumstances by the re-drawing a map exceed, because in such a case, the round is lost and your application goes to the house.