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Subject casino video again was considered quite tight in the already mentioned website " Honest online casinos ", so here I will not repeat, explain what it is, give reviews of specific casino. If you are already familiar with the "casino with live dealers" - well, no - go and read the site. Here I will try to explain how a player can gain an advantage by playing video casino. In general, these are the same methods that work in the real casino, if you already know them, you can go and apply online. If you do not know what I will briefly introduce you to the basics. Just the basics, because the theme is to gain an advantage in a real casino games too complicated and diverse, so it can be set out on the pages of this site. If you are interested in this issue, the more seriously you can prepare by reading books E. Terentyeva "Blackjack: game or profession" and "Roulette game or profession." Books, though written with a few clumsy language is not always adequate translation Western terms, but give good foundations. Unfortunately, we, unlike the West, the literature on normal casino no.

In general, a casino with video broadcast as close to possible to the real casino, in something they do win, something - inferior. The main plus casino video - the ability to use without fear of recordings and computer programs. The main disadvantage - the lack of image quality, as well as the lack of opportunities to bet after a spin on the roulette wheel. Benefit from fantastic savings on Car Service LGA , just by taking a look at

In general, historically the main source of income advanserov in a real casino - blackjack and poker Russian. Accordingly, it is blackjack and devoted to the main page. I think you've heard about this possibility as "score card", it is about her and will be discussed. Many watched the movie "Blackjack. 21", dedicated to the beautiful, if somewhat risky life counter. This film is based on real events (though not without embellishment), teams from MTI (Massachusetts Institute Tehnologchesky) earned at least a million dollars in the account cards in blackjack. Another example cine, better known, though even more fantastic - "Rain Man", where Charlie teaches Ray count cards and a night makes three thousand - sixty, after which they are forbidden to play. So the score card and you can do on the Internet, even more comfortable thanks to the computer.