Score Cards in Blackjack

what is the meaning of counting cards? The fact that the casino typically plays packet 6-8 decks, to avoid delaying the game deck and stirred after each delivery. That is a loaded Shuz healthy stack of cards that gradually give up and out of the game. Obviously, card randomly located, respectively, is not always equal. Sometimes the first ten out more, and remains a trifle, and sometimes vice versa. So game analysis indicates that the player is advantageous when the deck and many tens of Aces: firstly, the player receives a blackjack 3 to 2, whereas only the dealer 1 to 1, secondly, if the dealer's 12-16, the he is forced to buy, and a large number of ten increases the chances that it will burn, and thirdly, the probability increases that after doubling the player will receive a large amount desired. Accordingly, the player must find a state of the deck when different things already out, and left a large map.

To do this, there are a number of methods, let's look a little closer to one of the patriarchs, the system of "plus or minus" developed "father" of counting cards Edward Thorp in 1963. Under this system, each card is assigned a number of tens and aces to -1, deuce-sixes on one, seven, nine - zero. Accordingly, each published map is taken into account, the output of "pictures" expense decreases, the output of the "little things" - increases. Please note that the number of "pictures" is the number of fosok so full deck will score zero, the system is called balanced. As we have seen, the greater the score, the better for the player. The number that we have received, called the current account. But it is clear that the absence of two small cards on the full eight decks is one thing, but when there are only a few cards - is quite another, the probability that they would come major health card is different (and to us because that is what is interesting).

To assess the impact of the remaining cards in the game, the current account player jumps to the real account, you may simply divide the current account of the number of decks remaining in the game. Number of decks determined by eye (the eye is first necessary to fill in the best sense of the word). That is, if the game eight decks of them left about one and five current account, the actual expense 5/7 = 0.7.