Slot Machines

Slot machines are those big machines colorful and bright, usually have a handle on their side that characterize the casinos. Can not think of the casino without without recalling these strange contraptions and the sound of coins falling when you won! In all casinos are the long rows of slot machines, all different. Las Vegas and Macao have more than 30 000 each! The first slot machine games have seen the light of day at the end of the 19th century in the United States. At the time they were mechanical, whereas today are electronic and have a video screen.

Each slot machine has an orifice in order to receive the money of the players (in the U.S. also accept these notes), another orifice instead distributes the money you won. They also have a screen on which appear the combinations and winning or losing a crank or a button to start the game. The principle of the game is very simple, it does not require any special skills, just insert your money, pull on the handle, and be lucky! It is a real child's play! And this is what like so much to the players. Try forex trading online at

If you play slot machines on the Internet in an online casino, you can benefit from our great deals. The latter allow you to get money to build additional or more to play longer in order to earn more. The offers are the most common discovery bonus and welcome bonus. The first is obtained after you register. It gives you a free money with which you can win gains that can be removed under certain conditions. The welcome bonus rewards your or your first deposits. In most cases, it is in the form of a percentage up to a limit. The percentage tells you the rate offered on your payment and the limit, the maximum amount you can receive.

Above all, players should know that the classic slot machines are those that offer the standard gains. The slot machines that offer many lines or more rollers are those that offer the largest sums in terms of gain. All players who particularly enjoy the slot machines should be aware that there is a statistical rule: the more a player will remain on a slot machine, the more it runs the risk of losing money, big money. Above all, every player must be a limit. The latter can be defined in different ways. It can be achieved considering the earnings that will make you stop or conversely maximum losses that will certainly not be exceeded. Once that limit has been reached, it is best to take a break.